Strataflex Sheet Applied Waterproofing Membrane


What is it? Strataflex is a self-adhering crack isolation membrane based on revolutionary ECB technology. Engineered specifically for waterproofing applications, it features a 2" double-stick overlap strip to efficiently seal side seams.


Features: Strataflex is based on ECB, the first self-adhering Elastomeric Crack Bridging membrane ever available which has been in service for nearly 25 years. It complies with ANSI A118.10 and A118.12, will resist Moisture Vapor Transmission 10#/1000SF/24HRS, prevents mold growth and can be used to cover most substrates including existing floors.


Application: Strataflex is easy to install and allows for immediate installation of the finished floor assembly. Simply clean and prime the substrate, apply the membrane, then press into place.


Roll Widths: Strataflex is available in 3' x 50' and 1' x 50' Rolls.


Companion Products: NAC TAC Interior Primer or NS97 Exterior Primer are required components of the Strataflex Waterproofing Membrane System. Highly absorptive substrates must be treated with 101 Floor Prep to maximize primer coverage and assure proper membrane adhesion. ECB meets ANSI A118.10 and can be used for waterproofing with 6" Seam Tape, Preformed Corners and SubSeal 10.


Warranty: NAC offers two warranties on the Strataflex Waterproofing Membrane System: a Lifetime Limited Material Warranty for strip applications and a Lifetime Fracture-Free Performance Warranty for full floor coverage. Please contact Customer Service for details at 800.633.4622 or download the complete warranty statements, registration and claim forms at


It is the sole responsibility of the end user to read and understand this product's data and installation instructions prior to application. All documents are available through our literature page or by calling technical support at 800.633.4622.

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    3' x 50' Roll$197.22
    1' x 50' Roll$69.80

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